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growth is important

One of the questions that parents often ask is: is my child developing appropriately? Are they growing normally? These questions can be answered at a Well Child Visit with a thorough development milestone evaluation.

Child development encompasses how children grow and change from birth until they reach the adulthood. During this process, children acquire knowledge, skills, and behaviors at different rates

Emotional and cognitive development are an important part of our evaluation.

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developmental milestone

cognitive development

Cognitive development involves the development of attention, general knowledge, and learning skills. Approaches to learning are also a part of the process. A child's curiosity, creativity, and senses contribute to their development.

language and speech development

Language and speech development are critical to their thought processes and problem-solving abilities. It is an essential part of a child's well-being.

physical development

Physical development involves the growth and development of muscles and bones as well as the development of gross motor skills like sitting, standing, walking, and running. Fine motor skills involve brushing teeth, tying shoes and zippers and buttons.

emotional development

Emotional development includes the development of emotions, self-regulation, and social interactions.

How sooner or later a child develops these skills depends on their biological makeup and external influences.  Therapies can often help children who are struggling to meet their milestones.

how does a doctor check a child's development?

The first step to see if developmental milestones are being met is to attend your child’s recommended check ups. At different stages, we will ask if the parent is feeding solid foods, toilet training, and other concerns.

A development screening can help us (pediatricians) determine if a child is learning basic skills when they should be and if they are having trouble doing so. During the exam, we may ask questions and play with the child to assess how well the child learns. This helps us determine if there is a problem. If a problem is found, we may also recommend treatments or therapies to help the child develop to their fullest potential.

Developmental Milestone Evaluations screening does not involve blood tests or lab work, yet it can help us identify certain disorders or syndromes. If your child has a particular issue, we may recommend more frequent visits.

what if a child is not reaching its developmental milestones?

During the years we’ve been assessing pediatric developmental, we have come across many children who are not reaching their developmental milestones.

If your child isn’t reaching developmental milestones, you should seek medical advice so we can find a diagnosis and treatment plan. While children develop at different rates, there are guidelines for growth and development. These guidelines give pediatricians and parents an idea of how children should be developing. If you are worried that your child is delayed, contact us (your pediatrician) to obtain an appointment.

It is important to mention that minor delays are not necessarily a cause for alarm, but persistent delays may point to underlying problems.

To determine whether your child is meeting their developmental milestones, just ask your pediatrician at your child’s check up. It’s important to attend regular check-ups with your pediatrician. Having a child that’s behind schedule may cause us to delay diagnosing a serious problem. The sooner we can get a diagnosis of a child’s delay, the sooner the issue can be addressed.

To determine whether your child is missing a developmental milestone, consult a pediatrician. It’s a good idea to have regular check-ups with your pediatrician. Having a child that’s behind schedule may mean a serious problem. That’s why the sooner you can get a diagnosis of your child’s delay, the sooner the issue can be addressed.

However, if you’re unsure, use a Milestone Tracker app or developmental milestones checklist to keep track of your child’s development. If the app or chart you’re using shows that there is a delay, we should be able to help you both diagnose and address the issue.

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Are you concerned about your child meeting their development milestones? If you are worried that your child is behind, then feel free to contact us and book an appointment to discuss their development. The evaluation will help us determine if they are behind and allow us to come up with a plan to address any problems.

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