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The team at Here We Grow Pediatrics enjoys caring for your child! Whether infants or young adults, everyone can expect high-quality pediatric medical care when they need it. We provide a broad range of general pediatric services like immunizations, blood work and use the most innovative treatments available. Dr. Finklea and Dr. Basaldua are expert pediatricians who can treat a broad spectrum of conditions from chronic conditions to acute infections, etc.

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general pediatric care

the importance of
general pediatric care

General Pediatric Services are a vital part of monitoring a child’s development. Physicals should be a routine part of caring for children because they help doctors determine whether a child has a health problem or is developing normally. If and when discovered, potential issues can be immediately treated before it becomes worse and, consequently, harder to treat.

Our expert pediatricians provide preventive care and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses while educating parents about handling a specific situation.

the importance of
a wellness visit

Our priority at a wellness visit is guiding you and your child so they grow to their full healthy potential. Regular wellness visits help with the early detection of a potential illness or conditions in a timely manner. Often, early detection and treatment make a big difference in outcomes.

When you schedule a wellness visit at Here We Grow, one of our board certified pediatricians will perform a comprehensive exam of the child to detect any medical conditions. We will also assess the child’s speech, gross and fine motor skills. Finally, a parent can seek help if they have questions about their child’s health or specific concerns. We encourage parents to discuss concerns, with our goal being to provide answers and helpful tips on managing a wide variety of conditions.

Our years of experience have show us that a prepared and educated parent can help prevent many of the common health issues for which children need to see a pediatrician. However, a wellness visit helps reinforce and make sure that the child is developing as they should, meeting each developmental milestone as well as give parents a chance to ask a wide variety of question about their child.

treating respiratory illness

At Here We Grow we understand the importance of good respiratory care. Once diagnosed, we will focus our attention on the diseases that attack the respiratory system. It will include treatment for acute respiratory illness and ongoing care for chronic conditions.

It’s estimated that as many as half of pediatric care visits are due to respiratory complaints. If not properly cared for, these problems can develop into more severe conditions as children grow. For this reason, we specialize in offering excellent care for specific chronic conditions like asthma.

leading reasons for pediatric visits

The American Academy of Pediatrics has established a schedule for immunizations that start at birth and continue to adulthood. So, immunizations are a common reason for a pediatric visit. However, there are many others, as we’ll examine below.

physical injuries

Injuries are another common reason for a child to visit a pediatrician. These incidents have a significant impact on millions of children and the health care system. The injuries range from superficial bruises to open wounds to broken arms. Fortunately, only a small number of these children require hospitalization.


A child is more likely to get an ear infection than adults, but a cold can cause various problems, ranging from fever to a sore throat. Even stomach pains and pink eye, can indicate an infection. Fortunately, antibiotics are available, so bacterial infections can be treated by using prescription medication.


Another very common reason for pediatric visits is to address a child's allergies. This is especially true in San Antonio due to our severe seasonal allergens. Some children are allergic to dust mites, pet dander, and food. Treatment often consists of a combination of avoidance as well as a variety of medications. Make an appointment today to discuss the best options for you and your child.


Red and often itchy skin is one of the signs of atopic dermatitis, often referred to as eczema. Unfortunately, this skin condition is more common in children and can range from being an annoyance to being a debilitating condition. It often effects them socially and can severely interfere with sleep as well as make children more susceptible to infection.

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At Here We Grow, our goal is to ensure that your child develops into a healthy young adult. Call us today to schedule an appointment or if you are an established patient then you can sign up online.