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infant ear piercing

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we provide ear piercing for kids

At We Grow Pediatrics, our doctors personally provide ear piercing for our patients. Our approach uses sterilized hypoallergenic Blomdahl device with a gentle and quick experience. The equipment we use is medical grade titanium and plastic that minimizes risk of reaction. They are specifically designed to facilitate the healing process so that you can easily change to regular earrings after the healing process.

We have years of experience with hundreds of ear piercings to our credit. As trained health care professionals, we can assure you of the utmost care when piercing your child’s ear.
Have a question about our ear piercing medical approach? Feel free to call us today, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

professional ear piercing for your little one

Ear lobe piercing is one of the more popular procedures performed on children, especially little girls. It is a tradition in mainly Spanish and Middle Eastern cultures. However, some parents choose to have these piercings done on their children for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, many times the procedure isn’t performed in a medical setting, which can lead increase risk for allergies, infections, and a poorly placed piercing.

At We Grow Pediatrics, our goal is to provide an exceptional ear-piercing service to children of all ages. However, some ages are recommended over others. Infants are good candidates as well as children who are mature enough to sit still and to keep the area clean.. We maintain the highest hygiene standards and a relaxing environment, which makes the short procedure easy for everyone. Toddlers are not ideal candidates for ear piercing for a variety of reasons.

Parents are always helpful when they model calm behavior. They can also help by telling the child to keep calm and to take deep breaths.

what to do after an ear piercing

Some children may feel a bit of discomfort after the piercing. The discomfort may last for a day or two. A little Tylenol can be utilized if needed.

Aftercare is a crucial part of the healing process.

A pierced baby’s ears will be sensitive to touch, and are at risk for infections if the area is not kept clean. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your child’s new ear rings.

is it safe to get my baby's ears pierced?

It is absolutely safe to get your baby’s ears pierced. We use is medical grade titanium and plastic that minimizes risk of reaction. Our system is specifically designed to facilitate the healing process so that you can easily change to regular earrings after the healing process

After getting your baby’s ears pierced, you should monitor daily and let us know if there are any signs of infection. Rotating the earrings, as was recommended in the past, is no longer necessary with our system.

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Getting your child’s or baby’s ears pierced is safest when done in medical setting. We provide the perfect combination of a comfortable, safe location as well as being a medical facility.

Our doctors will take the time to walk parents through the entire process. Families and patients will benefit from safe, sterile and minimally painful experience.

Have a question about ear piercing? Feel free to call us today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.