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Back to School Physicals are an essential part of keeping your child healthy. At Here We Grow Pediatrics, our professionals ensure that your child has a through exam at their school physicals.

Whether you are the parent of a school-age child or a preschooler, we’ll ensure that the physicals are convenient and stress free for you and your child.

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mandatory school physicals

Whether you are the parent of a school-age child or a preschooler, being midway through the summer means you are in primary back-to-school mode. As it turns out, school physicals are a big part of the back-to-school protocol because it needs to be completed before the school year commences.  However, these can be challenging and at times considered a nuisance by parents, but the purpose of these physicals is to ensure that children are growing and developing appropriately.

At Here We Grow, we made the experience as hassle-free as possible. In addition, our comfortable and calm clinical environment ensures that children feel right at home during the physical.

what happens during a school physical?

A school physical checkup involves testing for various conditions, including heart defects, breathing problems, and allergies. During the exam, your child will also receive any needed immunizations. This will ensure that they are up-to-date with their immunizations and whether they need additional vaccinations. You’ll be given a comprehensive report at the end of the visit, including a printout of your child’s immunization history.

Your child will be given a history check before the exam. This helps the doctor know if there are any family histories of chronic illness, which may help in an emergency. We will then do a comprehensive physical check.

A school physical will also involve measuring the child’s weight, blood pressure, checking their hearing and vision.

why are school physicals important?

The goal of a school physical is the same, regardless of age, meaning both school-going children and preschoolers need to get them. It is essential for children’s health and well-being.

The exams are a great way to keep track of a child’s growth, and parents can discuss concerns with a doctor. They can also help identify upcoming health problems, such as asthma. A school physical may also be necessary for children who want to participate in sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer. It also allows doctors to monitor your child’s development and address any physical issues before they become a major cause for concern.

The state may also require that every child entering school or participating in school sports receives mandatory vaccinations. That’s why we ensure that your child’s immunizations and shots are up to date while administering additional vaccines depending on their age at the time of the physicals.

We then provide a complete report that includes the child’s statistics, immunizations, and other significant findings. In addition, we ask that parents arrive for their child’s physical examination along with any forms that the school may require.

Children starting school will be required to bring along proof of their physical examination and current immunizations status. We handle all of this, making sending your child to school easier by making the process less frustrating.

what’s the difference between school physicals and athletic physicals?

Honestly, there isn’t much difference, if any, between the two. An athletic physical will ensure that they are healthy enough to safely participate.

The tests run during an athletic physical are similar to those run during school physicals. The only difference is why these tests are being run on the child.

If your child is an athlete, it is essential that you tell us what sports your child plays and how often they play. In addition, tell us about any sports-related injuries in the past. This will allow us to provide a more extensive exam based on your child’s needs as an athlete compared to a regular physical.

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